v2.0 Update! Guess how many endings???

Based on feedback from all three of my fans (ha) and the new tools I've learned recently, I am updating Flag Simulator today!

New improvements for version 2.0:

  1. Added new endings!  There are now 240 possible endings!  (Technically: the first part of the ending has 5 possibilities, the second bit has two options,  the third part of the ending also has two branches,  the fourth section has two ways it could go,  and the final part of the ending has 6 possibilities; so  that leaves 240 permutations, but you could see everything with only 6 smart play-throughs) .  Your choices truly matter.  Version 1.0 had one ending, which was really a non-ending.
  2. A new, upbeat song that doesn't randomly get loud halfway through.
  3. New title screen.
  4. Mapping adjustments to make the office look better.
  5. Shadow adjustments
  6. The front-credits have been shortened significantly.
  7. End credits have been adjusted to credit the new content.
  8. But fix: You can now  walk behind a tall lamp on a desk.
  9. But fix: Jack attempts to face you when talking to you, even if you run around like crazy first thing every morning.

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