A downloadable micro-game for Windows

Flag Simulator is a very short (~5 minutes) game about life, death, thinking, the first amendment, and coffee creamer.

You are a level 10 executive-type who makes several decisions each day, including how high to fly the flag.  Your assistant fills you in on the day's news; then  you choose "Fly it high." or "Half-staff."

Your choices on the first four days lead you to 1 of 240 possible endings.

Install instructions

To download and open the game:

Click download (below)

Open “Flag Simulator.exe”

Run/Run anyway

Choose an extract location (such as your desktop)

Go to wherever you picked in the last step

Open the folder called “Flag Simulator”

Click “Game” (with the red dragon icon)


Flag Simulator (v2.0) 226 MB

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