A downloadable interesting-ish game for Windows

Hey, your former high school Spanish teacher is making a game.  That's something.

Catchy-but-brief synopsis: Lu travels to an alternate version of Earth, where they speak another language.  She explores until YOU (the player) learn enough of this new language to ask for help to traveling back home to Lu's version of Earth.

The soundtrack is fab: Mark Sparling, Daemon Hatfield, Ashes and Iron, HTW, Seven Nines and Tens, and Chris Zabriskie.

The full game is coming out . . . sometime.  But the demo is out now, so there's that.

Install instructions

To download and open the game:

Click download (below)

Open “Other Worlds Demo.exe”

Run/Run anyway

Choose an extract location (such as your desktop)

Go to wherever you picked in the last step

Open the folder called “Other Worlds Demo”

Click “Game” (with the red dragon icon)


Other Earths Demo.exe 787 MB

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