What Is A Game is a micro-game about success and failure.  You are a fish who swims around a bit, then makes a crucial decision—whether to win the game or lose.  Some smaller fish share inspirational quotes to encourage you on your journey.

I know it’s a simple game, but it’s got a bit of meta-analysis of video games in it (hence the title), and some ruminations on success vs. failure.

You CAN'T swim through the arrows.  You must swim around the arrows.

To play on PC, use your keyboard.  Swim into something to interact with it.

To play on mobile, tap on "Run micro-game," then swim by swiping with one finger.  If you swipe up, you will swim up.  Swim into something to interact with it.  If it doesn't work, refresh your page.


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Since it's small, the experience fits perfectly well. good job!

Thank you!